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Let's get to decking the halls!
(if you haven't heard about the x-mas challenge, see the full list here!)

First up: Christmas fanart! Share your favorite Christmas fanart!

Post a card sharing one your favorite x-mas fanarts!

You know that I'd have to include one of the 3rd years (Nico, Eli and Nozomi!) from Love Live, right? I just love these three. Can't wait to see my very own Nico at Christmas (@starberry) and my Eli soon after (@alexpinku)!
(Fanart by Aile!)

Or, if you're like me, share a few!

This one's from a magazine, I think, and I have no idea who the artist is but look! We already have some Christmas art of Asterisk War :)

Just look at them!

This isn't really "anime" but it's from something animated and I'M SO STOKED about FF7 that you're going to have to let it slide, okay? I imagine Christmas shopping in Midgar could be quite fun.... :)
(Art by co-ro)

And to finish it off....some cute Pokemon!!

Art by Ho-oh

Share your favorite Holiday themed fanart!

& follow the Deck the Halls collection to get the most out of this challenge :)
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