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Big Bang started small to become BIG!! Their effort and team work was a success. But most of all, their Friendship made them Stronger!!
G-Dragon. (Leader and Main Rapper of Big Bang) Height: 177cm (5'9) Blood Type: A Speaks: Korean, English and Chinese Birthday: August, 18. 1988 GD is known as Fashionista. Many people love him by his beautiful smile (which is I love most) He can be sexy on stage but reality he is extremely shy and that's what makes us love him G-Dragon came from his name "Ji-Yong" "Ji" sounds like "G" and "Yong" means "dragon". That's how his stage name came upon.
Taeyang (vocalist of Big Bang) Height: 174cm(5'8). Blood Type: AB Speaks: Korean, Japanese and English Birthday: May 18, 1988 Taeyang is also known as Sol, because "Taeyang" means Sun. He is known as Best R&B Soul Artist. Also had his First Kiss in his MV: "My Girl!" We call him : The man who never keeps his shirt on. (seriously he never does)
T.O.P (Rapper of Big Bang) Height: 180cm (5'11) Blood Type: B Speaks: Korean, Japanese Birthday : November 4,1987 T.O.P is serious with his music and signing, but be careful ........ He Is EXTREMELY PLAYFUL!!! The Eldest in Big Bang. We love him cuz he don't care how weird or the fact he can't dance well as the others in Big Bang. He shows us that there's no need to be better than others, just be: Who you are.
SeungRi (Vocal and Maknae in Big Bang) Height: 176cm (5'9) Blood Type: A Speaks: Korean and Japanese Birthday: December 12,1990 First Happy Birthday (I know a Lil late) We call him Our Panda Known as over flowing confidence and who enjoys giving out speeches during concerts lol (funny moments) Center of attention on variety shows. Enjoys to just fool around/free spirit Like he is the Youngest in the group, the other members like to tease him a lot.
Deasung (Vocals in Big Bang) Height: 178cm (5'10) Blood Type: O Speaks: Korean, and Japanese Birthday: April 26, 1989 Our Favorite Jokester Enjoys to make everyone around him smile and laugh and give a good time. Deasung is very bubbly and known as a very Good Entertainer (no lie on that)
They shared laughter, smiles, pain and struggles. They push themselves together into a limit to become who they are and Strong. Never gave up and they never will.

Big Bang we love you! We will always support and we will wait for the next COMEBACK

yup😂 @LinhTinh
Is seungri the last one?
gd is always handsome
@KpopQueenaBee no problem😁 glad you loved it ❤️
This Card is Amazing I wish I could like it more than once.. TOP is my Ultimate Bias and Jiyongie is my Heart.. I'm ready for the next comeback and they haven't even left Yet. 😍😍😍😍😍👌 thank you for this @BBxGD
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