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Suga X Reader You knew the this was coming. Sadly, it was something you could not control It just happened Even when you tried, so damn hard. “I just don’t feel the same”-Suga said, calmly trying to piece together his words in order to not make you cry. It was too late. The many times you cried before had already made you empty, and tears were no longer coming out of your eyes. “I sorry, but I think is the best for both of us”- As Suga said that, he expected you to be crying, may be, even saying something between the lines of, “no, we can work this out” or “wait, no, I love you, don’t leave me”. But nothing of that ever happened. He should be happy, right? After all, he now knows that you felt the same way about the relationship. “Very well, then. I guess this is it” In that moment, even if you hide it, you wanted to scream, yell to to the world about your misery. But then again, you couldn’t. You wanted to keep the precious memories of Suga. All of those memories that took time to build, those hugs and kisses will now be buried somewhere in your heart. And you hoped that one day you could look back at them and just smile at the young love you both had. He hugged you one last time. And in that moment, he wanted to break. He never thought breaking up with you will be so painful. But why does it hurt, if he already stopped loving you? He thought the reason why, is because of the memories itself. No more cuddle, or ice cream dates. This is the end of it. The end of everything. And as he watched you walk away, he wondered if the feelings that were going through him will go away; because if they didn’t, he didn’t know how he was going to be able to survive. _______________ “It’s either plan A or plan B”- Jhope was waiting outside Suga’s room. After two weeks of the break up, it was clear that Suga was the one hurting the most. Everyone was worried. It’s not like he wasn’t doing his job, but it was more like his job was to describe his pain and suffering in paper, and then add sad music to it, so he could finally rap to it and freely say things like: “What happened to us?” “I am s*** without you” “I shouldn’t have let you go, I am stupid, I know” “Please, forgive me. My life is s***. I know I f***** up” “I am sorry” “Come back, please…” Literally, that is all he could write about. Jhope knew that there was a long way to go before he could get the normal Suga back. Jhope opened the door, not caring about Suga’s emotional state. He already saw him crying, so there was nothing else to fear, right?</p> “Stop being miserable and go talk to her”- Jhope said as he got closer to the bed. Then again, Suga covered himself with blankets, not waiting for Jhope to look at him in that state anymore. “You are the one who broke up with her! Now take responsibility for that!”-Jhope didn’t want to keep up with Yoon Gi’s excuses anymore. “Shut up! You don’t know anything!”-Suga stood up suddenly, anger consumed his body. “well, at least I know when I make a mistake I am supposed to correct it” “some mistakes can never be erased” “At least you can say that you tried” Hoseok then left the room. His job was already done. _______ Suga was walking down the street. Looking around, he still didn’t know how he got the strength to get up and try to look for you. Calling you was out of his thoughts as he knew you wouldn’t answer. He looked inside a cafe. And it wasn’t just a simple cafe. That place share a big memory of Suga as it was there where you both had your first date. For a moment, he found himself out of breath. He really thought that this was it. That you had already accepted the facts, and that you were ready to make new memories with someone new. But once again, Suga was not going to loose you without even trying. Heck no. To be continued….? A/N: hello, my dear reader, I really hope that you like this part, if I see that this has enough support, I will gladly make a second part. REQUEST ARE OPEN! (Ships, reaction, stories, anything, just ask me!) BTS AND EXO I would really like some feedback! :)
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