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@Straightshooter ooooh that would have been AWESOME. Yeah it would have been really cool to explore the way science would develop in a world where benders exist
I honestly think the writers missed a prime chance to kinda of poke fun at history while showing what it would be like through the eyes of the avatar. make the first great war WW1 make the earth empire war WW2 the north and south water tribes like the anerican civil war etc. I would love to have seen the next avatar follow the cycle years later with all the new technology from "spirit energy" aka the atom, and see what he/she endures and then give the fire avatar the futuristic world. I think they missed a prime chance to make a few great shows.
Poor writing.... If a show is gonna ship characters, they need to write it into the characters' personalities and make it work with the events of the story. This was a prime example of how not to ship.... It came down to the writers trying to save their show's declining ratings so they wrote it in out of left field as an attempt to make it more PC appealing. I would have loved for them to give Korra the complex character development they needed to properly showcase this ship
@shannonl5 yeah, but when you know that you have limits and that the writing will suffer in response, you make adjustments. It happens all the time.
@Straightshooter yeah. I mean for that, you really have to blame the network. They totally killed the budget for the series before it even began, and then just kept cutting it down. Which is so unfortunate because there were SO many good ideas in the series and they barely got to explore them. Honestly I'm glad the fandom has been so enthusiastic because it feels like they're giving the story the depth that it didn't get to have
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