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Hello Vinglers,
We are recruiting Moderators who, from January, will lead the growth of their respective communities.
Over 3,000 communities are currently available on Vingle. Previous and current Community Moderators have managed their respective communities to improve users' Vingle experience. They have promoted the communities, and have led them with devotion and exemplary behavior. They have also communicated actively with users, collected ideas and opinions, and delivered them to the Vingle team to help the service improve.

* Elected Moderators will:

- Have their usernames officially displayed at the top of each Community page.
- Have the ability to feature two exemplary collections in their Communities as the "Moderator’s Pick!”
- Have username proudly commemorated in the Community History section.
- Have the ability to elect up to six Vinglers to become Community Support. They will aid the growth of their respective communities. Each supporter will be given a title by the Moderator that promotes them.
- Have ability to make a card a “Sticky Card” within their Community. This card will be prioritized to the top of the Community “recommended” feed.
- Have ability to remove irrelevant cards from their Community.

* Qualifications:

- Passionately active in their Community
- Persistently seeks to interact with Vinglers in their Community
- Possesses uncanny insight in all aspects of their Community
- Has not received a warning due to improper Vingle behavior

* Application Process:

- Application period : 12/15(Tue) - 12/24(Thu) (10days) - Announcement : 12/29(Tue) - Moderators Period : 1/1(Fri) - 3/31(Thu) (3months) - Application:
- Number of individuals: One person per Community
- We will begin this system by starting off with Moderators in a few select Communities, and then gradually increase the number of Moderators over time.
In order to continuously upgrade the Moderator System for the benefit of all Vinglers, we would like to encourage you all to give us as much feedback as possible. (
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to comment on this card or contact us via
Ahhhhh!! I'm gonna stick to support I think but hoping to see @VinMcCarthy over here wink wink nudge nudge~~
@kpopandkimchi Always XD
SO EXCITING!! I love to see what happens and who is chosen:) @InPlainSight @ButterflyBlu you both should think about applying!!
awesome! I think I'm gonna go out for Anime mod this time around!
Good luck to those who applied!
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