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Thanks to everyone that participated in K-Drama Community's Supernatural Week!

Thanks to our awesome card creators:

- The PERFECT Twilight Casting (aka the birth of Edward Kyullen) - I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP EITHER! (aka watch master's sun!)

- My Love From Another Star Review (Yoooou aare my deeeestinyyyyy) - Master's Sun Review (Dolls are creepy!)

- K-Twilight (Complete with ALL the characters!!!!!)

- Korean Twilight Casting (with the perfect Carlisle)

- My Korean Twilight... (PERFECT EDWARD OMFG)

- Twilight Goes Korean (with a bit of Kpop flair to it!)

Other discussions we had:

Thanks to our commenters too!

See you tomorrow for High School Week!

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@kpopandkimchi where is the last GIF from Lol
the one bfr rooftop prince 2nd last Lol @kpopandkimchi
high school week?! πŸ™†πŸ™†
is it next week yet????? I'm so here for high school week!! I'm thinking of so many cards!!!! when does this start?? I've been thinking about this all damn day!!!!