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I've posted a few times about how I'm trying to prepare for my upcoming cosplays -- I've done pose studies, I've ordered all the pieces.

Now, it's time for me to figure out how to do the makeup.

Everyone's eyes & faces are different, so I'm just going to focus on what you can do to learn what you should do for YOUR face & YOUR cosplay!

1. Look at pictures of your characters face & get to the know the basics!

What features make the character seem most like them that are important for you to be able to replicate? Make a list of these!
For me & cosplaying Nozomi, I would list the following:
- Big, green/aqua eyes
- Thick liner + lash line on the top lid
- Full lashes all the way across
- Almost cat like liner at the outer edges
- Slight pink blush
- Nude / very light pink lip
- Thin, arched eyebrows

2. Compare your features to those that you listed up.

What features of your face might be most difficult to stylize like the character that you are cosplaying?
LOL at this picture of me, but it seems only right to actually post it!
I think I'll have the most trouble with:
- getting the right lip color
- learning how to wear blush & finding the right shade
- my eyebrows!
- getting the right kind of eye liner

3. Look up tutorials on how to create those differences!

One person's Youtube I LOVE for eye makeup tutorials is WinnieZ! She doesn't have everything, but she has really creative ideas about how to create different kinds of eyes if you're worried about getting the right look. Make sure whatever you choose to use will look natural on camera, though!
This is a tutorial I might use to get the winged eye look I'm hoping to achieve for Nozomi! I don't think I'd do it this dramatically, though!

4. Do a make test (or, you know, 12)

I recommend doing this once you have your wig and contacts (if using), and making sure that you take some pictures in all different kinds of lighting so you can find what aspects of the look you want to improve, and what seems like it will be ok.
I'll be doing this once I get some new makeup at Christmas & get a wig!

5. Check out other cosplayers' makeup!

Imitation is, after all, the highest form of flattery! Check out the makeup that other people have done, and see what you like about it most. Compare to your own makeup tests & make adjustments!
I recommend this as the last step because you should focus on your own face first (everyone is different!) and then add in bits you like from others later, once you're already familiar with what you want to do with your own look.

And that's it!

...for now. I'd love to hear what some of those who are much better at cosplay makeup than me (looking at you @AdiaJasinski and @BeannachtOraibh)!! Let's all keep learning together :)
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@shannonl5 I do the same thing
@hikaymm I usually compare the actual character to my face. I'll have to maybe make a card tonight for a makeup test
@AdiaJasinski XD I mean messing around and experimenting is part of the fun
@AdiaJasinski ahh that'd be awesome! I love seeing what other people do, too ^_^