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You know you're not just a meme anymore when the country's most famous wax museum selects you to join the ranks of Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley to become the next 'big name' made into one of their iconic replicas.

Yes, Grumpy Cat, you are finally a star.

Apparently, getting on-screen smooched by Anderson Cooper isn't as high as you can go on the Tinseltown totem pole - not even for a cat!
Grumpy Cat is officially the first cat that Madame Tussaud's has immortalized in wax. As of this week, you can visit the replica, which can be seen curled up in a little red bed, at the wax museum's San Francisco location.
According to the museum, the Grumpy Cat on exhibit is also the first animatronic they've made in almost a century, able to both lift its head and purr to visitors - though, if it's really supposed to be Grumpy Cat, one could argue that's not exactly canon.
You can watch part of the replica-making process in the Madame Tussaud's YouTube posted above, and if you'd like to catch wax figure Grumpy Cat in action, she'll be on display in San Francisco for several months before moving on to tour each of the museum's nationwide locations.
So, what do you guys think? Does Grumpy Cat deserve to be the first cat to acquire 'wax museum fame'? Or is her reign as America's grumpiest sweetheart coming to an end?
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I was kinda thinking the same thing @SarahRoot like my cat would be moving and running away and stuff. hahaha
wow, that's a tolerate kitty. ≧∇≦ ฅ'ω'ฅ Yesh
Truth!! @petname83 he's like way more famous than a lot of people I know... he probably makes more money too!
Grump cat should feel honored. has definitely become an American icon. Who the hell doesn't know who Grumpy Cat is?
@nicolejb FAIR ENOUGH. ;)
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