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Never Enough… Jungkook x you (angst) ~~~~~ When she find out, she didn’t protest. Tears weren’t escaping her face as he predicted. And with a smile, she never came back to him. ~~~~~~ “Hello!”- you yelled as you stood in front of BTS’s dorm.For today,practice was over and you decided to bring them food for their hard work.You waited patiently for them to open the door. Since your plan A wasn’t working, you tried something else. “I have food!”- after you said that, you immediately heard footsteps and suddenly Jimin opened the door with a “thank god You brought food because I am hungry” face. He let you in and as you entered, you realized that the room was “clean” in a BTS way. “Where is everyone else?”-you asked Jimin, while sitting down on the sofa. “They went to go buy food…”-Jimin said with an evil smile, knowing that all the food that you brought will be for him. “It’s being a month now…when are you guys going to get back?”-Jimin said as he turn on the TV. You looked at him ready to give him an answer. “Never…” Jimin looked at you again, ready to explain everything that has being happening on the dorm, saddly he was interrupted as all the members came in. Including you'r now friend and ex-boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook. As the members looked at you, they all smile and went to greet you in the living room. All five of them hugging you and thanking you for the food. Knowing that not because of your break up with Jungkook, you were going to stop being friends. Jungkook looked at you and smiled, however Jimin’s next comment made that smile disappear… “It’s official guys… (Y/N) and I are going out!” - Jimin said and smile, you didn’t get to protest as all the members stared to congratulate you both. “You guys are adorable!” “When is the wedding?” “and the kids?!” “I want to be called “uncle hopie ” soon!" “I will teach him or her to say “jimin is a fool!” You weren’t surprised at the sudden and escalated comments of the boys. When you and Jungkook announced your relationship, they said the exact same thing. And as you turned around to look for Jungkook, you find that he wasn’t in the living room anymore. You then heard a loud “bang”, most likely coming from Jungkook as he slammed his room door. You looked back at the guys and they all had a face filled with guilt and accomplishment. “Please just go and talk to him”-Rap Mon began and V followed. “Even if you guys stayed friends, he is not the same” “we are all worried…”- after Jin finished his sentence, you couldn’t denied them. And so you stood up and went upstairs. You calmly nocked on Jungkook’s door. And you waited for an answer. “Come in” After that said, you open and closed the door behind you. You notice Jungkook and he laid in a prone position, laying on his tummy while hugging a pillow. You went near him and without notice you stared to tickle him. “Wait…no! Ahahhaa stop!”- Jungkook was laughing and you loved that.Sometimes you really wished you could go back to the times where you were the only one who could make him smile. Then suddenly, you felt a tight grip on your arm and without control, Jungkook had pulled you down to the bed, now you were laying next to him. Your eyes meet his and never left them. He slowly pulled a string of your hair back to your ear as he smiled. Saddly, you knew you couldn’t keep this dream. You stood up from the bed and so did Jungkook as he protested as he felt your skin. disappearing from his touch. You were about to leave the room but Jungkook blocked the door with his body. “Why can’t we go back?”- he began as he looked down on the floor. “You now why…”- you were then interrupted by him. “No..seriously, I don’t even know why you broke up with me? Why? Because You wanted a real man and you could only get this kid? Is that the reason why you are going out with Jimin?”- Jungkook could not hold back his feelings, but you needed to protest. “No, Jeon, look..”- you tried to speak, but it was all in vain. “No, you listen! I am tired… I am so tired, knowing that you are out there, free, trying to make a new life…without me! I am always scared, knowing that any day, some random stupid guy could take you..and …and…”- Jungkook was on the verge of tears, you knew he didn’t want to be interrupted, and so you let him continue. “And..and …that he might enjoy what I enjoyed before… That may be, he would be the one making you smile, when I am the only one who is supposed to do that! Just the thought of someone hugging you, holding your hand, kissing you…just the thought of that makes me so angry and jealous! So tell me! What did I do wrong!?” Jungkook finished. You didn’t want to say anything. You didn’t know if the tears you were letting go were the one of sadness or madness. Either or, you didn’t felt the need to answer his question, even if he is just looking at you with teary and frustrating eyes. “Jeon..”- you began, but Jungkook didn’t let you finished. “You don’t even call me “Jungkook” anymore… May be I was the only one who tried to work out our relationship…“ After Jungkook finished his sentence, you couldn’t take it anymore. “September 1, I prepared you a surprised party…” “I brought you food everyday after your practice, even if that let me down on my own job.I took care of you when you were sick… I didn’t slept for three days taking care of you . When you were frustrated and mad, even if you didn’t want to see me, I always stood by your side,I always put you first before me, I gave you my love and my everything… You were my first”-Tears where covering your eyes as you continued and you went closer to him, still not facing him. " and even so…I am never enough..”- you finished and you finally had the strength to look at him in the eyes. “That is not true… You are more..”- Jungkook began but you cut him off. “Then why did you cheat on me?” The sentence that your promised to keep in, finally escaped your lips, and you continued as Jungkook looked at you. “It broke my heart at first… But when I saw you smiling when you were kissing her…in that moment, I knew that I wasn’t enough… In that moment, I knew you deserved someone better than me…someone who is pretty, who is skinny…someone who doesn’t complain about their looks..someone who is not a cry baby..someone you can pick up without a problem…someone who would make you want to brag about with your friends…someone who you would like to wake up to. Someone that makes you smile while you are kissing them”- you paused and you use both hands to touch Jungkook’s face. “I want you to be happy…”- you smiled. You looked once more at Jungkook, appreciating his handsome features and you knew that after this it would be difficult to look back at them. You calmly cleaned Jungkook’s tears. And as he couldn’t move ,you opened that door and closed it behind you. Jungkook tried …he tried so hard to move…but he couldn’t. Why didn’t he stopped you? Did he even had the right too? Jungkook knew he did wrong..still it hurts. As he sheared tears he came to the realization that he will never be enough. End? A/N: did you liked it? If anyone wants a happy ending for these story, just let me know! REQUEST ARE OPEN!!! Exo and Bts (reactions, ships, scenarios I would like some feedback :)
End? What do you mean end? No, no, no, that word does not belong there.
omfg this shit gave me feeelsss smh. i wanna see the happy ending as well plzzz
we all need a happy ending for this!!😭😭
OMO!!!! That was soooo good!!#
why did I reread this beacuse I know second part is coming but I'm crying all over again for them
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