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I'll take some time to vent my anger now u don't have to read it coz i'm not in my sense. I upgraded to windows 10 although everyone said it's a fucking trap!!!! It's the 5th time that I'm having problem with this piece of shit n i can't use my laptop!! But enough is enough u fucking shit of a bitch!! I can't bear all the shit of your fucking windows anymore. It's turning me into a oh fuck i forgot how it's called in english coz i'm going insane right now so i'm just gonna call it a black pig! I fucking hate u microsoft!!! U should have called it windows 0.1 instead of 10 oh no wait it's not even worth the .1!! I trusted u so much that i didn't even listen to ppl!! U, microsoft will fucking rot in hell for hurting me so much!!!!!
Hahaha the 3rd pic is the best.
Omg, I hope you figure out your new computer update. D: What is it doing?
@humairaa Lol no, I suck when it comes to technology.
@danidee omg u don't know?? lol馃槻馃樄
@humairaa I wonder which version I have right now...
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