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Today's challenge: what music video or kpop video puts in the biggest holiday spirit?'s all of the Jellyfish family songs!

Since Jellyfish's NEW Christmas song just came out last night, it (of course) gets the #1 place for me!

I mean, it's got VIXX, Seo In Guk, and so many more lovely people in it :)

The song that usually plays in my head at this time of year, though, is "Because it's Christmas," their song from 2 (3??) years ago!

I'm also a big fan of "Winter Confession" from the Jellyfish family :)

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Because it's Christmas will ALWAYS be my favorite! Seo In Guk AM I RIGHT?! @ReyesGarcia @AnneChen @kelseyblair @hyunsaeng638 @NeetaVilatte ;D
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@kpopandkimchi Can never go wrong with Seo In Guk. Especially during Christmas.
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