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Who Else is Stoked for the New Madoka Magica Concept Trailer?

**Please don't watch/read if you haven't seen the series AND the movies! Likely to be spoilers either in the card or comments**
I was rewatching the series & movies, so I looked up if there's anything new, and low-and-behold there is!!

Here's the trailer that was recently released.

(I'll switch the video to an official trailer rather than a potato cam once it's released)
"Everything was silent...its like i was in a dream.
A world of color and magic as majestic as it seems.
The caged bird escaped and is now free.
I wonder how that can be?
As i am now god my angel shall not be harmed.
so all of you have no need to be alarmed"


I have such conflicting emotions about all of this.
Major spoilers*** but! on the one hand, Homura really did do something that Madoka probably wouldn't have wanted in Rebellion by setting up a world just so that Madoka could survive & be happy, and she did quite a lot to do so. But....should she have? Prrooooobably not. But I still support her in it.
I know a lot of people didn't like Rebellion, because it changed the ending of the series from Happy to "Here's a new enemy," but really, I thought it was kind of necessary so that we could keep going. We wouldn't have more story if not for Rebellion!

The only thing I'm worried about is....they.....Homura....the evil one.....and I'm not sure my heart can take that.

I really hope this does turn into a movie or even into another 12-ep series. I'll definitely be watching if it does, so I hope SHAFT pulls through on this!!!
why does she look similar to princess tutu? 😰
when is this being released? or when was it released?
@ShatteredArt There's going to be!! This is just the concept movie, so Shaft is gauging interest, but since it's Madoka I dont 'think there's any real doubt about if it'll happen or not :D
there's another??
can't wait to watch, I personally loved rebellion as well
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