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Sometimes, you see a cool cosplay music video, and it makes you decide to rewatch one of your favoirte anime, Madoka Magica.
And you're like ya, yay this is fun ya.....oh shit I forgot this is oh shit. Fine. Dammit.
I'm up to about episode 8 again, and I'm already just ~done~ AKA I'm going to finish watching and enjoy every minute of the suffering. Whew. Here we go.

I highly recommend watching (or, rewatching) this series if you like pain and suffering :)

I just relized for those of you whi are wondering in the last pic where Mami is.... she has no head. *goes and re watched Madoka Magica*
i like this show but it made me so angry at the end -.- i knew that thing was evil. it was to cute to be good.
no. technically no one dies
@hikaymm that is true. you know even though i hated kyubey i felt kinda bad for it at the end of that one movie.
@hikaymm well that is the only way o could think of describing it. you don't see blood and guts. or their body. you just see a sort of shadow of it. xD
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