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A few of you were pretty stoked about Assassination Classroom season 2, so I thought I would share this news I just found...

Assassination Classroom Season 2 will run 25 episodes!

I wonder if that will take it to the end of the manga, or if there will be a season 3 after that....hmmm. I'm not sure....it depends on how fast they go, but I know the manga isn't over, yet, so it could be possible that the third season will have to happen. We'll have to wait & see!
(@TaylorStroupe @Danse @BrentDague @RONRON21 @MajahnNelson @samihudson @yukala9065 you guys might be excited about this!)
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im reading the manga then starting the anime
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the movie was pretty good
2 years agoReply
馃槏YES!!!!! Can't wait!
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yassssshhhhh best news everrrrr u just made my day!
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