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This one has a pretty catchy beat. Not bad. I don't like too much of Wiz's latest stuff. I've seen a lot of artists mature over time but I haven't seen much maturation in Wiz. The beats are still pretty good, but the lyrics are feeling a bit recycled in a lot of songs.
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@miranpark88 I'm a bit divided. Some songs show strength over older ones for sure. Others disappoint. After listening to this album a bit more I like it more, haha.
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@icdevin i like the song "Up In It" its so good! :D
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@miranpark88 True that! I listened to it again when you mentioned it.
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@icdevin :D what other artists do you like???
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In hip-hop/rap there's so many, haha. The big ones like Wiz, Drake, Tyga. Then there's the others like Lupe Fiasco, Tyler, The Creator. And finally, the small ones like Dumbfoundead, Epik High, etc. I really prefer music with powerful lyrics but I'm a sucker for great beats...both together are the best. What about you?! I'm always on the lookout for new tunes. :p
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