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Who Said It: Buddy The Elf Vs. Charlie Brown?

Welcome to this week's Funny Community Game: "Who Said It: Buddy The Elf or Charlie Brown!"

I've decided to keep this month's Christmas movie theme going by incorporating two hugely popular holiday films, 'Elf' and 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'! Test your knowledge, and the first person to get a 100% will get to choose next week's 'Who Said It' theme!

The rules are simple:

1) Read the quote - the more Christmas cheer in your voice, the better!
2) Guess who said it: Buddy or Charlie Brown.
3) Swipe the quote to the left to reveal the right answer.
4) Share your results below!

Go forth and good luck!

Quote #1:

Quote #2:

Quote #3:

Quote #4:

Quote #5:

Quote #6:

So how'd you guys do? Who got them all right?

Let me know in the comments below!

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awhhh this one was so cute!! i kept hearing their voices in my head!! 6/6 per usual 💕
2 years ago·Reply
all of dem!! 😄😄
2 years ago·Reply
I scored 107%
a year ago·Reply
Hahahaha @JimTurpen I like how you're doing this like five months after Christmas.
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply