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having a unibrow is considering beautiful in some country. People even to draw the line between 2 eyebrow to make them look more beautiful :) There is Tajikistan, a small central Asian nation that could adopt many monikers — Country of Beautiful Mountains, Realm of Terrifying Roads, and, best of all, Land of the Unibrow. You see them on women and girls; in the capital, Dushanbe, and in the smaller cities and villages that dot this mountainous nation. Sometimes the unibrows are natural — black and bushy and ever elegant. But those who missed out on the unibrow gene use an herbal remedy to fake it.
where in the world this place is ? I would like to go there !
hahah @nollakolla you are so bad man !! have to respect the different culture !
hahahahahah sorry for my bad behavior !! I thought this is only in movie. Did not expect it really exist in real life :D
@zeezee There is many funny but extraordinary out there in this world !!
omg i cant even imagine this!
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