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Dating someone who's serious about the their gym gains can be interesting. Sometimes it's cool, sometimes it can be kind of irritating. But -- you gotta choose your battles, right? And as we all know, a sculpted body doesn't just come from thin air. It comes from many hours of work, meal planning, and discipline.

1) There's A Strategy Behind Eating Out

If you're planning a dinner date with your buff beau, chances are, the menu has already been studied. How many calories does the dish have? Can we hold the cheese? Can we boil the chicken instead? Does it even fit my macros? And sometimes eating out can be so tricky, your beau just asks for a salad -- hold the dressing, add more chicken.

2) Prepare To Have The Gym Come (Kinda) First

Oh we were supposed to have a date this afternoon? No-can-do, sweetheart. Looks like the gym has taken precedence over you.
Skip the gym today? Lol why would you even ask that?

3) Compromising Fridge Space

Meal planing is a serious thing and so is the fridge space. Once you open the fridge, you'll find yourself staring at stacks of tupperware filled with the basic meal need: protein, vegetables, and snacks. There isn't any room for your leftovers from that burger place.

4) What Are 'Real' Clothes, Anyway?

I understand this one wholeheartedly. If you have tried on gym clothes, you'll quickly realize how comfortable they are. And then you'll begin to question why anyone ever wears real clothes anyway? And because of this, dressing up for outings with be a rarity for your beau. Dressing up for dinner just means wearing the *nicer* compression pants.

5) Get Used To Fit People Plastered Everywhere

Whether that's on their bedroom wall, or clips on their Vingle page - you'll see them. One thing to learn is to not get spiraled into insecurities because your beau is staring at pictures of ridiculously fit human beings. Those pictures may be a way to find inspiration, or even to compare their own bodies to their idols.

6) Money Is Primarily Going Into Supplements

There's extra money in the bank? Awesome. Looks like your beau can finally buy that awesome can of creatine he say works better than any other.

7) Vacationing? Find a Hotel With A Gym

There is no such thing as a 'rest week.' Therefore, accommodations must be made during a vacation. There MUST be a gym at the hotel. If not, there must be a gym that's close by that allows for day-to-day drop ins.
At the end of it, dating someone who's really into the gym will have its bad and good moments -- just like any kind of relationship. Some of the pros? You might have a better sex life, you have someone who can teach you the ropes around the gym, and they can motivate you to live a healthier life.
love this!! the "nicer compression pants" hahaha XD
My best friends boyfriend is a total meathead, and we would have to wait on him at the gym before we could hang out. It was pretty irritating sometimes but he was really serious about it XD
@alywoah i run everyday cause im in a sport except on Sunday's but only in the mornin
i just run
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