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I love finding unpopular groups. There ar so many that are really good, they just dont belong to the big shot companies. I want to share with the K-pop Vingle community my 3 favorite songs from one of my favorite not-so-popular groups... This is AlphaBAT
AB CITY is my favorite song by them. Its just so catchy I sing it throughout the day. Just listen to iiiit!!
딴따라 (Tantara) is my second favorite. Its so good and an awesome dance=D
Surprise Party is my third because its so cuteXD I love adorable things<3
In my opinion they arent given enough credit. Go listen to their album "Attention" and their new song "Oh My Gosh". Who's your bias?? B:eta (my bias) is currently serving his term in the military=(
Iota is my bias
@BreeHubler I'm not sure how many groups are unpopular, but I can't wait for the cards to get the chance to listen to them. I bet a lot are good, but get overlooked or go unnoticed if not for other reasons.
@Annaharris1989 Yea i plan on doing more cards for other unpopular groups.
History and Tritops I don't think is as popular either.