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안녕~~~~!!!! Hello Korean Vingle family!!
I was thinking under the K-Pop Community, I don't see a lot of other groups besides EXO & BTS. I am not complaining but maybe it is because I am not on at the right time?
Anyway, this made me feel like introducing groups other than those. I see there aren't a lot of Girl Groups mentioned...again maybe I am on at the wrong time...and I am not super into Girl Groups a lot myself, but I really love Oh My Girl! I discovered them recently and they're super cute and talented!!
The link leads to the 1st Tumblr for Oh My Girl! They are almost always posting new pictures~
There isn't a fan name I know of yet however :( They are that new. And I don't even know where they decide an official fan name, but I was thinking...."OMGs"...that is so lame and uncreative, I know but that is the only thing I can think of to refer to Oh My Girl fans xD
"Cupid" was their debut song! There other song is also really good, although Cupid is my favorite. The video is really cute and I love it a lot.
Here is their other song called "Closer." Very good.
Here are their profiles! (also provided by the Tumblr)
My bias is Seunghee!! She's super cute & I believe she's the main vocal.
So there you have it! I hope you check them out!
i think cuz we are more attracted to guys then girls and because bts and exo all the members are near our age except the older fans. that or because they are talked about more everywhere. I rarely listen to girl groups when i do they are 2ne1, oh my girl, girls generation (but kinda falling out of love with them), wonder girls.
YooA and Mimi are my absolutely favorites!!! Mimi is an amazing Rapper~ ♡•♡
@kpopandkimchi binnie is so cute TTTT she looks adorable with short hair
Closer is AMAZING!!! I love Binnie^^
@VictoriaBossier I also rarely listen to girl groups, Oh My Girl is the first one I actually truly like.
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