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Just looking at this gorgeous bridal bouquet, by Chestnut & Vine, in California, makes me smile from ear to ear. And it's all because of the dazzling California Pepper Schinus Molle mixed in this beautiful white and green bridal bouquet.
I am talking about the long narrow green leaves that are dangling and reaching out from the bottom of the bouquet. While this design doesn't show any of the berries, which are in season in the Fall-Winter time, it's just as striking as if the red peppercorns were in full sight.
Living in LA, there's not many of these that I've seen. However, as you venture further out from LA proper, these trees are EVERYWHERE! I remember seeing these as far as the eye could see when I'd visit and travel through Temecula and Murrieta.
Take a look at more photos from the artistry and talents of Chestnut and Vine. These pictures are gorgeous!!!!