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Hello, my Vingle Nakama! I believe I have the 3rd installment in the Decision December Preliminary Rounds. We are pitting scythe against sword in this one ladies and gents. So, without further ado, here are your contestants:
Rin Okumura Say hello to the son of Satan! Rin, and his twin brother Yukio are the half-demon sons of Satan from the anime and manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). Rin's demon powers were sealed into the Demon-Slaying sword, Kurikara. When the sword is unsheathed, Rin bursts into blue flames, with two flame horns spouting out of his head. He is able to heal extremely quickly, and is very powerful. If he loses himself to his demon blood, he can become strong enough to defeat his full-demon half brothers. However, this comes at the price of forgetting everyone around him and being unable to differentiate friend from foe. Rin works extremely hard to prevent this from happening. Rin was finally able to master control of his flames, so that he can direct them only at what he wants to destroy. He is an extremely proficient natural swordsman, but is still in training. He and his brother work together to soundly defeat Satan and destroy the Gehena Gate, the opening to the demon world, which had been opened and Satan released to turn Ashiha into a demons paradise. They merged their demon powers, increasing their power tenfold, and, as a giant blue phoenix, sliced through this demon door the size of the Chrysler Building. Rin fights for everyone, even pigeons being tortured. He always, always tries his hardest to become a better person and defeat Satan.
Maka Albarn Next up, meet the most badass scythe Meister around! Maka is a weapons Meister at Shinigami's (the Death God) school for kids to train them to fight evil and madness. In this world, there are also people who can turn into weapons; Maka's partner, Soul, turns into a scythe. A weapon and Meister have the ability to carry out 'Soul Resonance', where they match soul wavelengths and become exponentially more powerful. Maka and Soul are very good at this. Maka has a particular type of soul that allows her to be able to perceive the souls of those around her. It also enables her to use such powerful attacks as Gypsy Hunter and Kishin Hunter, techniques that can cut clean through rock. Maka is also the daughter of a Death Weapon and a Meister, so she has the unique ability to turn herself into a weapon as well. She has only used this technique once and she was unconscious at the time. Make is extremely smart, strong and courageous. She never gives up.
Well, I hope I've given you some good information on our two contestants for today. Now the ball is in your court, my Vingle Nakama! Who do you think would win in a fight? Heads up: its a twelve hour voting period, so voting will end at 11 PM Mountain Time on the 15th! Happy voting! Oh, and I would tag people, but honestly, @VinMcCarthy probably tagged everyone I know, so if there is anyone you guys want to tag, go for it!!
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I'm gonna have to give it to Maka. While Rin has more power, Maka is far more skilled. She displays mastery over the scythe, whereas Rin merely uses the sword as a siphon for his flames. She also has greater range and durability. Plus I'm willing to bet a Witch Hunter would either hurt him, kill him, or at least steal his demonic powers, rendering him useless. Rin has beaten high ranking demons, and sealed Satan with Yukio, in the anime, whereas Maka has beaten Immortals, Witches, Demons, and even the Death God Ashura, which even Lord Death couldn't manage. She's fought Black Star and lived, he easily kicks through steel and moves roughly mach 5 based on power-scaling with Mifune's mine reaction time. With the black blood dress from the manga, she could take anything she throws at him, Rin can't say the same.
@MischiefK1ng Would Kishin hunter kill him, or hurt him, or at least rob him of his powers? And the bravery punch is anime only.
@Kirik Rin Won? :)
@AdamDean I was joking, I know How strong Maka is with Soul.
@MischiefK1ng, yep, Rin won. I thought Maka would win, but Rin pulled it off in the last bit. I love both these characters so much (easily in my top five), so I don't mind