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Looks like Canada isn't the ONLY place on earth baking up fabulous wedding cakes. Take a look at this magnificent creation by Utah cake designer, Carrie, of Carrie's Cakes.
This five-tier cake features intricately cut out fondant, which is that swirl design that you see. Carrie's Cakes teamed up with floral artist, Artisan Blooms to bring this feast to life with variegated green hydrangeas and dots of pink roses.
People always get nervous about these elaborate and heavy cakes, thinking that they will somehow collapse or get crushed. That is always a possibility, but experts in all things cakery, such as this, know to reinforce the tiers with all manner of trickery. The BIGGEST thing you need to consider is the stability of the table and the legs. How old or rickety is the table? Make sure it's completely stable and made of newer construction.
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You better believe it!!!!! :) @Allobaber. Destination wedding would be my first pick for you. France is calling your name!
@marshalledgar omg what an amazing idea!!! 馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槏 I would love that!!
South of France with the ros茅 馃槪
Oops I meant 馃槈馃槈馃槈 hahaha
Keep it intimate, only close close close friends/family. It's a wedding/vacation for them and a wedding/honeymoon for you. @allobaber.