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I'm stumped on thos one. I really wanna see what other people say. Someone who cant be killed vs someone who can kill someone in 1 strike. Keep in mind that Ban has been executed 33 times to no avail.
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in the anime they said that her sword doesn't work on the undead so akame can't win using murasme and ban's ability is taking someone's power and making them weak and using that power against them so akame can't win hand-to-hand Ban wins due to facts!!!
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That's a hard decision
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I've yet to watch "Akame ga Kill" (I think thats what its called) But I'd have to say due to Ban being immortal he would end up winning in the long run no matter how many times he's cut down. Not to mention if he gets sick of her killing him, he could always use his "Snatch" technique to take her sword... Personal opinion...
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yes murasme can kill in one hit but it doesn't work on the undead she said it herself
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it might kill him because it's a curse and not only a strike
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