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FLASHBACK TO OTHER PARTS: You and Jimin are now dating and you get pregnant
3 months pregnant and the belly keeps growing. A little bit bigger than it was 2 weeks ago though you still can't believe it. You are called to go to the hospital with Jimin for a check up on what the sex of the baby is. "Congratulations! it's a girl!" The nurse all excited tells you. Jimin who couldn't stop jumping around and looking at your medium-sized belly was in such a shock. "Jagiya!, we gotta go shopping". He says. Again you've never seen him like this.
As both of you exit the mall Jimin was carrying little converse shoes and kid beanies, while oyu were carrying really girly dresses and shoes. Back home the weird cravings hit you and you eat a hole bowl of ice cream watching a romantic movie with Jimin by your side. "Jimin-ah i want to know if this is what you want. I'm sorry if it a stupid question.... i just want to know to make sure." "What are you taking about? of course this is what i want. just you and my baby girl." His answer brought reassurance to you. You've gone a lot of history with guys who never wanted to have a child with you and treated you badly because of it. But Jimin being honest and ACTUALLY wanting a child with you is the best thing a guy has ever told you.
8 months pregnant and you're almost to the point of losing your mind. You and Jimin couldn't come up with baby names still you never gave up. "How about if we call her Eun Seul (μ€ν˜œ 슬기), it's a pretty name and sounds really nice." You say. "are you sure, what if she doesn't like it? (moving to your stomach) Do you like it?". Jimin says to the baby." "Haha!, i think she's like it anyways."
ME: sorry if this one wasn't long enough i didn't finish this part due to school so i will finish it later. I hope you liked it. @QueenLele @DreaG1518 @SarahVanDorn
@UnnieCakesAli found it thanks!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
take your time I am just dying slowly lol jkjk its really good
@DreaG1518 you can find part 2 in the Fan Fiction collection 😊
awww its so cute!!!! omg a baby girl!!!❀ im trying to find part two ... i read one and now three but couldnt find part two...