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I just recently picked up a PS4 and Fallout 4, so I've been playing a whole bunch of Fallout for the past week or so.
I was a huge fan of Fallout 3, and I sank hundreds of hours into that game with the plays and replays of it. It's something I like about these immersive open-world games. You're at liberty to do as you please within it.
So I'm prepared to sink hundreds of hours into this one. It's part of the game to me.
However, if I ever find myself wanting to go for a speedrun, then I've already got someone to look to for guidance in it.
That's right, there's officially a record set for the fastest speedrun of Fallout 4 on any percentage.
That record was set by streamer and Fallout 3 speedrunner BubblesDelFuego, who managed to get to endgame in 1:09:29.
In order to do so, BubblesDelFuego had to make use of certain glitchy exploits in the game, like power armor clipping or 'cover slides' which allow you to jump over great distances of the game by making use of a cover aiming glitch.
However, despite the fact that the just over an hour clear time is awesome, BubblesDelFuego is sure that speedrunners will soon find a way to beat the game in 45-55 minutes, under the hour mark.

So, if you want to experience Fallout 4 in the fastest possible way, there's your path.

I could probably do it faster if there was a mod to have a working Ford in the game.
@RosePark ahahaha word. also, what time is it in Korea? if it's 1pm in Cali, I feel like it must be super late at night there
@VinMcCarthy yes console cafes, pc cafes and movie rooms but between those 3 only pc cafes makes a ton of money I mean theres a reason why Koreas so good in online gaming :S
@RosePark I have a Korean friend who's told me about going to PC rooms, like PC arcades or something. I think he said there's also the same for like movies and consoles
@VinMcCarthy yeah everything is PC here. Xbox is nowhere to be found and PS is like the only console out there if any and some wii but its very rare to find people owning a console
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