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The fixtures for the Last 16 of the Champions League have been released! Here are the highlight match ups.

PSG - Chelsea

Two teams that have met lots of times in the Champions League in recent years. Chelsea will be fighting hard in the league and may be low on energy. PSG will have already wrapped up their Ligue 1 title and will be able to focus on progressing. The pick: PSG.

Arsenal vs. Barcelona

Arsenal earn the toughest draw of all, playing against the near-perfect team that is Barcelona. It's going to be very difficult for them to beat Barcelona on a home-home aggregate. I don't see them pulling it off. The pick: Barcelona.

Juventus vs. Bayern Munich

This is the real gem of the Round of 16 match ups. Juventus pay the price for failing to finish first in their group and have to play Bayern, while Bayern get the toughest of the second-place teams in Juventus, who were finalists last year. The pick: Bayern.

Gent vs. Wolfsburg

I love it when two of the lower teams are matched up against one another, as it guarantees that we'll see one of these teams in the Last 8. Gent are a real miracle story after beating Valencia to the last 16 in the group, but I'm not sure they can beat Wolfsburg, who are playing well in Germany and in Europe. The pick: Wolfsburg.

The other matches in the Round of 16 include:

Real Madrid vs. Roma
Benfica vs. Zenit
PSV vs. Atlético Madrid
Dynamo Kiev vs. Manchester City
But the ones I've outlined above are the real standouts. Those are the matches to look forward to.
The Round of 16 will be played on February 16, 17, 23, 24, and March 8, 9, 15, and 16. We've got a long time until then and form could easily change - I'll revisit these predictions when the time gets closer!

Are you looking forward to the matches?

Chelsea PSG meets once again.....and the UEFA Champions League is our last standing hope....
@Margarito Haha you a soccer fan?
Barcelona is the best
@yaakattackk You never know sir. Chelsea was performing pretty poorly in 2012 (well not as bad as this season), but they still won the CL. I'm just hoping we can pull off some miracle haha
well Chelsea's out lol jk U never know with these CL games but I got a feeling this could be PSG's season to win it all