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I posted this a few days ago and now it's blocked because someone reported it as being inappropriate
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I'm not sure either but like @OtakuDemon10 it really depends. I had a few cards reported when I first joined because I put them in a bunch of communities they didn't really belong in. It seems like Learn Japanese in particular has been getting a lot of cards that are anime related but don't have much to do with learning Japanese so my best guess is that the community is become more strict as to what they think belongs there.
no not really I just thought maybe it was inappropriate or something . I just didn't understand why they would block it ..but you guys are probably πŸ˜ƒ
@ebethoven ah gotcha. Haha yeah I don't think that counts as "adult content"
@shannonl5 hahaha well it doesn't there wasn't even a little kissy in it πŸ˜– ..I'll just make sure to post things where they belong now
@ebethoven haha yeah that's probably G rated and if that was considered too much I'd have been kicked off a long time ago XD