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Prove you're the best at comic book trivia!

You know the deal by now. I'm thinking of two characters, one from Marvel and the other from DC. You have to guess who I'm thinking of before the answer is revealed on Friday! Simple... right?
Character 1
He's considered the last of his race His weakness is fire
Character 2
The character had a tv pilot in 1978 that wasn't picked up According to Sean Howe the comics were inspired by acid trips

Think you can guess who? Comment and we'll see!

Good luck everyone!!!

Honestly the hints this week made me giggle. Feel free to help each other out! It's not cheating. And of course, if you'd like to contribute your own characters for next week please message me!
I actually want to say Doctor Strange for the second one, but it seems like he was covered recently. But I think there were a few superheroes written off in tv around that time...Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Human Torch, and even the Hulk had something canceled, I think.
martian manhunter and doctor strange
the martial man hunter and the hulk.
@shannonl5 THANKS??
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