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Winnie the Pooh: he may not look it, but he's actually a world-class fitness guru.

Right now, I'm on his patented exercise plan.

Pooh's Patented Stoutness Exercise Plan

In front of mirror, perform:
10 toe touches
1 turnabout
Recharge from this strenuous exertion with 3 pawfuls of honey.
And finally, always remember to ask yourself...
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Okay, but that part where his back split open and some of his fluff came out was maybe a LITTLE DISTURBING.
Naawwww @danidee it's just cute!! :) He can fix himself up, good as new, don't you worry ^.^
That he does, IPS, that he does! :D @InPlainSight I used to sneakily eat spoonfuls of honey as a kid...
Lol @Priscilla I LOVE that part hahaha. We need more songs like that these days! :P
I think that's one of those things that kind of came and went for me when I was watching Pooh growing up, but now that I'm older, I'm like "Whaaaaat. He just tore open his back!" I'm losing my sense of imagination.