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Marvel Caption Contest Update

The competition is fierce this week Marvelers!

We've seen some great submissions, and there's still time to create a card before the contest ends tomorrow! Let's look and see what we have so far:
@loftonc16 "Shouldn't have ate all that burrito" / "well tie me up & call me Shirley"

Just kidding, you know I'm laughing!

All of these entries are HILARIOUS!!! Remember, the winner will be determined by who has the most comments by tomorrow! So if someone really made you laugh, let them know!
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@shannonl5 no doubt XD
2 years ago·Reply
*Spongebob* {Oh, you sexy, little, bastard, you just get comfortable and sleep well☺️ I'll keep a close eye on you, my little love muffin.❤️}
2 years ago·Reply
o.o the dpongrbob thing scares me a bit
2 years ago·Reply
@ColeKat13 bonus points because that's terrifying XD
2 years ago·Reply