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馃槫 why was my last card reported!!!! There was nothing wrong with it. Many of you guys liked it 馃槖
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Ok thanks guys I won't put my cards in that community anymore 馃榿@shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy
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@tylor619cruz sure thing ^_^ a lot of my first cards got reported when I first started and I was super confused
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@tylor619cruz well if you want to post in it, go for it! just make sure it's about actual fairy tales, lol. the communities here aren't like 'tags', they're spaces for people who like that stuff to talk. so like, someone who wants to talk about the Brothers Grimm would be confused seeing anime
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Ok thanks 馃憤馃徑@VinMcCarthy
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Wendy freakin grew up right there. That's a 180掳 turn around of pure badassery
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