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If you're looking to add a Latin-twist on your Christmas this year, consider the Cuban cuisine. The Cuban cuisine can be a bit similar to the other Latin-American countries in the Caribbean. There are Spanish and African influences.
Dale, let's get to the cookin'! ;-)

The Party Snacks

It isn't party until you have party snacks -- and Cubans have a lot of them to hold you over until the pork roast is ready. Check out this list of party foods!

The Main Course

The most important part of a Cuban dinner would be the roasted pork! The lechon asado is typically slaughtered and marinated the day before the dinner. The entire pork is roasted on a spit. The main course often includes black beans and rice, plantains, and yuca.
How to make black beans HERE.
How to make yuca HERE.
If you only want to roast part of the pork, try a pork shoulder recipe HERE.

The Dessert

Desserts from the Cuban cuisine include flan, tres leches, and arroz con leche, Desserts from the Cuban cuisine may include flan, tres leches, and arroz con leche,
And there's nothing wrong with having two desserts! Here's a tres leches recipe.


How about a mojito, a pina colada, or a simple Cuba Libre? They are all easy to make. My favorite would definitely be the Cuba Libre! All it takes is a mix of rum and Coca Cola -- which can be garnished with a squeeze of lemon.

And of course, you can't forget the dancing...

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The dog dance is real, there are similar videos teaching you how to train your dog to dance. I digressed, the food looks interesting and hope I'd be able to incorporate some into my Christmas dishes!
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If you don't mind me asking, is natila a South American dessert?
2 years ago·Reply
@Animaniafreak I unfortunately never heard of it. Do you know what it looks like/ what it has in it?
2 years ago·Reply
@alywoah I heard it's some kind of Spanish custard, a colleague of mine is from Columbia, she mentioned natillas is her fav dessert and since her families are not here with her, we thought we'll make her something and invite her to our Christmas lunch.
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Oh okay! I think I found something like that online. I am surprised I have never heard of it. I need to sharpen my Latino food game lol. @Animaniafreak
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