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My New Years Resolutions
I'm definitely not one for this kind of thing. I'm the kind of person where one random day, I'll flip a switch, do a 72 degree turn and take off running in that new direction. I don't necessarily believe that you should wait for an exact day to change. Why would you torture yourself like that? Just change when you've finally had enough or when you've become bored and complacent with yourself! Well, that killed the mood, right? My apologies haha Saying that, I understand the significance of the "new year, new me". It IS a refreshing and cleansing feeling to finally be back on January 1st. It also allows you an almost direct comparison to where you were last year, telling you how far you have (or haven't lol) come. Which is the most useful thing about a new year, in my opinion! My birthday is towards the end of the year, so I'm still going to be 20 for another 9 3/4 (Woo, Harry Potter reference! Score! ^.^) months. @LizArnone, to my knowledge, started this challenge, and @AlloBaber (I almost used your old name haha) tagged me. So, without further ado, I shall attempt this.
Travel more. I'm a kid still. At 20, I still have the rest of my life ahead of me. The trouble is, I don't know how much time that gives me. There's so much I haven't seen, so much I haven't done, and so much time I've taken for granted. So, I want to plan and execute one trip for every month. I think with my funds and vehicular capabilities, that is manageable. Plus, I love sightseeing and having solitary time away from my comfort zone. New foods, different personalities, different smells... All great things.
Workout more. I only do Cardio two times a week with light lifting... Want to know something crazy? I used to have 17.5" biceps. I used to have 4-6% body fat. I used to work out around 20 hours a week for two years. My fastest mile time is 4:48. Now? I'm looking at 158 pounds, ≈10% body fat, workout 5 hours a week, and run a 6:54 mile. I've slowed down so much and gotten a lot smaller... Buuut, I am about half a foot taller (still only 5'9"-5'10" depending where I measure, how hot it is outside, if I stretched beforehand... Lmao the struggle of being half Mexican and half Filipino ;-;)
Um... I am a LoveBug. And I'm a seriously hopeless romantic and I will do anything and everything to make somebody I care about happy and safe. But, I need to dial this back a bit. Quite a bit, actually. I'm clear headed and logical about practically everything else in my life. I know where I'm going, I know what I'm doing and I know what I need to do to get there. I set goals and I strive achieve them. But not with relationships. I need to stop giving so much effort to people I'm romantically involved with, including "friends". It's unhealthy. And I'm tired of wasting my time. Because there's a point where it IS a waste, and I like to wave at that sign as I sprint by it. Since this is related, I'll just put it in the same section. I need to stop allowing narcissists into my life. I'm an empath and I feel the need to fix people. And I will, regardless of the toll it takes on me. In other words, I'm quite the juicy prospect to narcissists. And this year, two have found me. And I'm consciously, after months, cutting off the second one. Her games no longer affect me, her repeated attempts at playing victim and villainizing me to get me to apologize and go back to her aren't working anymore. Her constant, sly berating no longer makes my existence feel pointless. My life no longer revolves around her and making her happy. Even after all that, a part of me still feels quite saddened and empty without her, but, I know she's unhealthy and detrimental. So, the logical mind will finally take over after 6 months of being repressed by emotions. And good riddance! So, new years resolution? Fuck love. No, I'm kidding lol Stop giving so much? Set, and stand by, clear boundaries? I don't know how to word this one.
Don't miss opportunities because I'm too much of a..... I shouldn't finish that lmfao "Because I'm too cautious". Yes, that's what I meant! This is a whole lifetime thing that I have slowly been toeing the line sporadically. I think about the consequences instead of the possible benefits. I don't make "moves" on women when they flirt with me. I need to start going out and meeting people. Savannah, I'm sorry. Please come back and let me take you out for a coffee, so we can discuss in detail how much of an idiot I am for not asking you out the second you walked into my life two months ago. Hahaha
Last one I'll share is to figure out what the heck to do with my hair!
I'm horrible with remembering the names of the people I want to tag, so I'll do that in the comments lol @ButterflyBlu Your turn, ma'am ;D <3
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@Arellano1052 haha it's been really hit or miss. I did start going on runs at least once a week for the most part so that one I kept. But I still don't have a license BUT IN MY DEFENSE the closest DMV is like... ya gotta drive to it. Do you see the catch-22 here?
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@Arellano1052 haha it was just funny because the picture is basically "look at all my hair in front of my face." XD also, that's probably the kind of picture I would take too to ask people what to do with my hair! yeah, there's always going to be the easier resolutions, but there are also the hard ones too. you gotta focus on the positive of the easy ones and put them into the not-so easy ones!
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@nicolejb My first idea was to lay upside down off my bed, but I had a headache lol XD This was the second best "pose" =p @shannonl5 That's a good one to keep up with, even though running sucks haha =_= Yay. Fitness. 😑 And get a ride XD Flirt with somebody and seduce them into taking you to pass your test lol 😜 If you're not interested in that, then don't get caught driving without a license! Use your blinker and go speed limit and the other stuff you're supposed to do lol
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@Arellano1052 lol I don't drive at all haha. Living in the city has 1 perk and that's public transit. Except to the DMV apparently
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@Arellano1052 HAHAHA I'm imagining you on your bed facing down getting a headache XD
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