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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming out at the end of this week. Yeah, THE END OF THIS WEEK. And it seems like everyone who uses the Internet is trying to celebrate in their own special way. YouTuber Ops_Specialist decided to use the settlement feature in Fallout 4 to make his very own AT-AT.
You can see in the screenshot above (and the video below) how giant the thing is in comparison to the player character. That being said, it's kind of amazing to me that he had the patience to do this. If you've messed around even a little bit with making your own settlement in Fallout 4, you'll know how tedious and time-draining the whole process is.
I can't imagine how he planned out the build and how he stuck to it and how he even made a building looking like an AT-AT.
Unfortunately, the thing doesn't move it's just a building but it's still pretty cool. For a moment in the video above goes inside the structure to show us that it isn't just a hollow shell. It could actually be used as a settlement in the game.
That's one of the cooler things, in my opinion. Imagine having your own AT-AT (or anything that giant actually) to live inside of while you play the game. It's probably a lot harder for raiders to come in and start stealing your stuff if you have this thing built. Being that there's only one entrance (that I know of) to the structure it's probably a lot easier to defend.
It doesn't really matter to me that the build is Star Wars related, even if it was just a giant mech I'd probably still be so astounded. The amount of talent and patience it takes to build these things is something I'll never have and I think it's real awesome that gamers are expressing themselves in this way.
@Krazypoet yeah it's awesome. I wonder how much time that took cause every time I play it takes me hours to set up a bedroom
nice this is cool