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Sorry I've been a slacker and didn't get this up earlier! This is the Music Show route and it'll be divided into 2 parts and 2 endings ~ the Joker Detour and the Regular Ending. All parts are labeled. Read on bunnies for your story with your love! Hope you enjoy!!!
Pt. 1 Meeting Your Lover BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! A shrill alarm breaks the silence of your bedroom, jolting you awake. "Ugh.." groaning you slap at the offended clock. "I'm up, stop already geez." Getting out of bed you go about your morning routine and get ready for work. Riding the subway with all the other poor souls up already you let your mind wander. You work in downtown Seoul but live a little further out because it's cheaper and quieter. The hustle and bustle of the city is fun but you couldn't take it 24/7. Starting to think about your day you start to feel tired again. *SIGH* 'It's going to be a long and hectic day..' I hate comeback season. 'So many groups to deal with and microphones to keep track of.' you're thinking when your stop is announced and you exit the subway and walk the last remaining block or so to work. Working at XX Music Show as a Mic Tech Coordinator you basically helped make sure every group preforming that day had working mics and you had to keep said mics accounted for and in working order. Groups at your show weren't responsible for bring their own, the show actually preferred they didn't. 'More work for me.' sarcastically runs through your mind as you walk in. Things are in full swing when you arrive with your boss looking a little frazzled already. 'That can't be good' you're thinking just as she sees you and makes a beeline for you. 'Crap.' "{Y/N}!" shuffling clipboards she hands three to you "You have 3 groups today, Sul Ji called in sick today." She tells you before rushing away. 'Wonderful.' looking at the groups you're in charge of and the times they'll be on stage. "Shit! I gotta get moving this one's on in an hour!" and you're off. "Annyeonghaseyo, we're ____ imnida!" the group choruses bowing when you enter their waiting area. "Annyeonghaseyo." you greet back with a bow "I have your mics you'll be using today. If you need anything or have trouble with your mics please let me know." you inform them as each member takes theirs and you make notes on your clipboard. "How?" comes from one of them staring at you. Glancing up from the clipboard you lock eyes with him. It's (screenshot 1). 'Oh wow he's good looking.' you muse before getting ahold of yourself. "I'll be in the studio during your mic check and performance for any emergencies." you answer before leaving, moving on to your other groups. Everything was going smoothly, no problems until mic check for your first group and you were called over. One of the members was complaining his mic was staticy and kept turning off. Heading backstage you see it's (screenshot 1). 'It just HAD to be him didn't it?' bemoaning your luck you approach him 'and he just has to be wearing a body mic..' "What seems to be the problem?" you ask him. "I think a wire came loose or something." he offers looking right into your eyes making you nervous suddenly. "Ah.. ok let me check." you start with the battery pack strapped to his waist in back and follow the wires around to the front looking for any nicks or cuts when you encounter a problem. The wires disappear up under his shirt. You don't know if you want him to take the headset off or lift his shirt for you.. 'bad thoughts {Y/N} stop it.' you're telling yourself when suddenly it doesn't matter anymore as (screenshot 1) lifts up his shirt, revealing his six pack abs and chest. 'Oh Mercy.. Holy hot chocolate abs' flashes across you mind rapidly before (screenshot 1) asks "Better?" with an unreadable expression. Frozen you tear your eyes away and look at him. You can't tell if he's playing with you or being serious. "Uh.. Yes thank you." you try to sound normal and just go with it. Free eye candy right? "That's weird.." you mutter after checking everything "Nothing seems to be wrong with it. Are you sure it wasn't working?" you say to him slightly questioning. 'What's going on here?' "That's cause I lied." a corner of his mouth kicks up in a half smile "I needed an excuse to get you alone." "What?" shocked you take a step back "Why?" "To ask you out." (screenshot 1) states simply "Have dinner with me tonight?" "Seriously?" He nods "Yeah. I've wanted to ask you out the last few times we've been here." Your face is on fire now you just know it. "Um.. Sure I guess so. Ok dinner." you agree still a bit dumbfounded an idol asked you on a date. "Great! Here's my number, call me when you get off work I'll pick you up." He hands you a folded paper and he's gone.. back on stage like nothings happened. Yet you feel like the whole world just turned upside down. The rest of the day passed in an excited blur.
Pt. 2 Trouble In Paradise You and (screenshot 1) have been dating for a while now and you couldn't be happier. Your relantionship is pretty low-key for the obvious reason he's an idol, plus you don't want to be in the media spotlight. So not that many people know you two are together. Just his members and a few other friends. While working one day you're too busy and don't notice another idol watching you off and on. You're trying to get ahead with things so you can watch your boyfriend and his group perform in just a little bit. Hurrying backstage to get a glimpse of him, your not aware (screenshot 2) followed you. After their great performance they stay on stage talking to the MCs. You'd like to stay to congratulate them but since they aren't your group today others might think it's odd. Turning to head back you hear your name spoken softly from close by and see (screenshot 2) waiting for you. "(screenshot 2)" surprised to see him backstage you ask "Can I help you? Where's Sul Ji, isn't she in charge of your group today?" "Ah yeah she is but she's pretty busy so I found you." he says with a reassuring smile putting me at ease and I smile back. He's always been nice to me. "You have a mic problem you need help with?" I ask curiously going closer to him. "Not exactly." (screenshot 2) says, grabbing your shoulders and pushing you back against the wall as he moves closer. "(screenshot 2)! What are you doing?! Let me go!" you whisper furiously trying to keep your voice don't so you don't attract attention as you try to push him away. But he's much stronger than you and doesn't budge an inch. "This isn't funny. Stop it." "No." he counters "I've wanted to do this a while now and I'm finally going to do it." "Do what?" you snap at him. "Kiss you." he calmly replies, bending down and catching your lips with his. "Mmph!" he doesn't let up even with your renewed efforts to push him away. "{Y/N}!" you hear called angrily and (screenshot 1) is yanked away from you finally. (screenshot 1) is standing in front of you facing (screenshot 2) and you can tell he's pissed. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he demands furiously of (screenshot 2). "Relax it was just a kiss. What does it matter to you anyway?" (screenshot 2) scoffs with an amused smirk. (screenshot 1) hauls back and punches (screenshot 2) right in the face, sending him to the floor and startling you with the sudden violence. "She's my girlfriend that's why you jerk. Stay away from her or you'll get hit even harder next time." (screenshot 1) tells him still fighting the urge to beat him up even more. Turning to you he holds out his hand. "Are you ok?" "Yes thank you." "Let's go jagiya." Nodding you place your hand in his and walk away listening to his members ribbing (screenshot 2). "You better hope that doesn't bruise up before you get on stage!" before follow you two.

Pt. 3 Lasting Love **JOKER DETOUR**

"Oh no." slips out of your mouth when you receive your groups for the day. You can't believe it. Why did your Ex's group have to be making a comeback at the same time as (screenshot 1)'s? You've managed to avoid (choice 3) for so long since you broke-up over a year ago. This is going be awkward since it ended badly. 'Badly.' you snort 'yeah that's what they call it when you find your boyfriend with his tounge down another girls' throat.' Shaking your head you try not to think about the past. Instead you think of your boyfriend and how much you love him. He treats you so much better, almost like a princess you think and smile as you arrive at (choice 3)'s waiting area. "Annyeonghaseyo, I'm here with your mics." you call out entering and handing them out. You barely glance at (choice 3) when you hand him his. He thanks you which you pretend not to hear. Childish maybe but you still haven't forgiven him for what he did. The day goes well without him trying to talk to you again until you're collecting the mics from the group. As you're about to leave he murmurs in your ear "{Y/N}~ah we need to talk." "No we don't. Please leave me alone and don't call me that ever again." you say without looking at him, walking away. A half hour later you're texting (screenshot 1) as you walk out of work. [Are you guys done?] [Yep!] [Where are you?] [Outside waiting for you ;) ] [I'm on my way! Wanna grab dinner on our way back?] [Can't wait Jagiya!] You grin. 'I love him so much, I can't believe he's mine. I'm so lucky!' Walking out the doors you bump into someone. About to apologize you see it's (choice 3). He was waiting for you. "{Y/N}~ah! Please her me out. I was wrong. She didn't mean anything to me I swear. Can we please just talk about it? I miss you so much.." (choice 3) pleads with you as you try to walk around him. "NO. It's way to late now to try to apologize again. If you were really sorry the calls and texts wouldn't have stopped after that first week. You aren't sorry at all." You say angrily pulling at your arm which he'd grabbed to keep you from getting around him. "Let go!" you yell at him when he won't release you. "Not until you hear me out!" he yells back, starting to get angry too, pulling you towards the curb and his waiting car. "{Y/N}!" we both turn our heads to see (screenshot 1) running towards us. "Let her go!" he yells at (choice 3) getting between us. "This doesn't concern you. It's between {Y/N} and me." (choice 3) declares ignoring him. (screenshot 1) shoves him backwards and you all end up in the street. "I think it does concern me she's MY girlfriend. And I don't think she wants to talk to you." he roughly yanks (choice 3)'s hand off you and they continue to fight in the street. Shoving and yelling at each other. 'No No No. This isn't good!' You think worriedly watching them. 'They're too close to traffic someone's going to get hurt. I need to stop them!' Anxiously you try to get between them to break-up the fight pleading, "Guys please stop!! You can do this here it's dangerous! AH!" Trying to pull them back towards the curb you accidentally trip and stumble back further into traffic. "JAGIYA!! NO!!" you hear (screenshot 1) scream but it's too late and the last thing you hear is screehing tires before the pain hits you... "나랑 같이 있어. 너없이 못 살아." (stay with me. I can't live without you.) You faintly hear whispered over and over again into your ear as (screenshot 1) gathers you into his arms. 'It's so cold but I can't feel anything. Why doesn't it hurt anymore? Am I dying?' He's rocking you gently still murmuring to you to stay with him. Wait just a little longer, help is coming. You can hear the sirens approaching but not quickly enough. 'I want him to stop crying. I have to tell him I love him one more time.' "Saranghaeyo~" escapes out on a breath but you don't know if (screenshot 1) hears you over the sirens as he sobs even harder into your hair. Then is doesn't matter as everything fades to black and you stop breathing. **I'm sorry I had to kill you... Please don't hate me!! I tried to give you a kdrama worthy death. T~T **

Pt. 3 Lasting Love *Regular Route*

Today is our 6 month anniversary and we both have to work.. *SIGH* the universe hates me. (screenshot 1)'s been so busy lately with his group making yet another comeback. I'm starting to worry they're pushing themselves too hard. But they always say since they keep turning out great stuff in the studio why wait? whenever I bring it up. Stubborn guys.. So I'm not really expecting anything special today. I was just happy to see him today! We hadn't had time to see each other the past few weeks what with all their promotions. They had some tough competition today on the show but they blew me away with the new song and choreography. 'Not that I'm biased or anything.' you smile to yourself as you watch everyone on stage waiting for this week's winner to be announced. And then the MCs are talking and the winner's name flashes on the big screen. It's them! (screenshot 1)'s group won! I can't believe it and on our anniversary too! On stage the guys take turns thanking everyone and then it's (screenshot 1)'s turn. His members are all grinning at him telling him to say it already. 'Say what?' you think as he starts to speak. "I want to thank my girlfriend for always staying by my side supporting me and the group despite the difficulties. I hope everyone can love and show us support for a very long time! JAGIYA I LOVE YOU!!" he ends with a big goofy grin making a heart at you. Smiling and crying you make a heart back at him. This was the best anniversary ever! ~FIN~ *Sooo.. what did y'all think? Was it ok? Sorry the Joker Detour was longer than the regular ending but I felt bad for having to kill you guys off.. sorry I'm evil. Even my sister said I was evil for that twist.. I hope you enjoyed it anyway, let me know!!
Well I died...😒 ok.. 😞 lol. But still loved it! 😁😁
@KellyOConnor yup thanks :)
@SarahVanDorn thanks! fixed it, better?
@KellyOConnor thanks. but I really enjoyed it good job!
@KellyOConnor ok yeah! I am happy
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