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1. Look to your style icon for inspiration. "My style icon is young, stylish girls that I see on the street. I could be in Tokyo, London, Paris, and I just like seeing how girls style themselves and enjoy fashion—whether they're in [the industry] or not. For me that's an inspiration. Classic films are really inspiring to me, as well." 2. Make a statement. "A statement piece of jewelry, like a cocktail ring or great bracelet is something you can wear everyday to add a polished touch." 3. Play with patterns. "Stripes are huge for spring, but I think that the important part is to play with different versions, like wearing a horizontal-striped top with vertically-striped bottoms." 4. Don't be afraid of color. "It's everywhere this spring, so wear it!" 5. Buy yourself a pair of leather (real or faux) shorts. "I'm a leather shorts girl. During the day, you can pair them with ballet flats, and at night you can wear them with heels. But just make sure they're not too short." 6. Shop at Zara. "I'm a big Zara fan, and they always seem to have something to round out an outfit. Plus, their pieces aren't too expensive." 7. Wear the right proportions for your body. "The biggest fashion faux paus I see when I'm walking down the street is when girls don't wear the right proportions for their body." 8. Toughen up your girlie gear. "I like to look polished [and feminine], but there has to be a touch of masculinity to my outfit. It just makes it feel more comfortable, and if you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing, other people can tell." Now that you've heard Olivia's fashion r