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Art work by - @wizyakuza BROLY - "In the end you'll still DIE!" My favorite DBZ villain and the most bad ass sayian of them all hahah to me 馃槅
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that's why I said in-game and goku reached ssg three after kid buu was defeated. ssj4 took place 15 years after cannon or not doesn't matter goku ssj4 is still stronger
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I'm hoping to see a canon version of Broly in the Tournament arc that's taking place in Dragon Ball Super
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@Thatperson512 Oooh man I want BROLY part of the story like i what him canon! And I want them to show us more of he's unstoppable power! >:)
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@MoisEsGaray In the manga Champa said he's bringing saiyans to the tournament so anything could happen!
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@Thatperson512 @MoisEsGaray @Flare4522 seeing a canon Broly would be amazing. I would be sooo stoked
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