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Under the cover of darkness (and Star Wars: The Force Awakens), the trailer for the next Star Trek movie came out. And maybe I'm just dense or I don't know enough about Star Trek to understand anything that's going on in this trailer but I have one theory.
And it's that everything went belly-up banana shoes and Star Trek lost everything but those cool jackets and uniforms they wear on the Enterprise. Okay, yeah, I just admitted that I don't know enough about Star Trek, so how could I know anything about what the series has lost?
The truth is that I probably know nothing (I am Jon Snow, obviously). But come on, let's just watch the trailer and try to figure out what it's about.
From the start, everything seems pretty cool except for the fact that they're listening to the Beastie Boys. I don't have anything against the band or anything, it just seems entirely fucked that the crew of the Enterprise are listening to the Beastie Boys in space. I mean, there's got to be cooler space bands they could listen to.
Anyway, I was basically on board (heh, on board, get it. do you get it? hey do you get it) with the trailer and then Spock got disappeared (as seen in the screenshot in the first block) and everything went clown make-up and got me confused. I mean, there's one moment where Kirk is driving a motorcycle off a cool jump that just so happens to also be a part of the landscape.
And then there are explosions. There are tons of fucking explosions. Like the Enterprise gets exploded, other spaceships get exploded, and explosions get exploded. Like what even is happening? What even is Star Trek: Beyond? It's directed by the Fast and Furious guy, which makes total sense that everything doesn't make any fucking sense. And maybe that's the misstep here. Maybe, instead of getting vehicle chases/explosions man to direct the movie they should have gotten someone who was capable of directing a movie with nuance, intellectuality, and wit.
But whatever, right? I am (basically) Jon Snow and I know nothing.
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@orenshani7 WE CAN GET TO IT NOW! Haha making up for lost time: which series was your favorite? Next Gen is probably mine but TOS is slowly taking over haha
@shannonl5 , I liked both very much, but actually the one I liked the most was "Enterprise" with Scott Bakula. I also loved "Andromeda" very much... I guess you can count it part of the Star Trek genre too
@orenshani7 I'd count it for sure! Enterprise was definitely good too. I grew up watching Picard every night with my dad and it's one of my favorite memories so I think the nostalgia is really informing my preference. How did you feel about the two recent movies?
I loved the new movies. I live Abrams. He gives his movies a fast and exciting pace, without making them too shallow. Can I mention star wars here?
@orenshani7 I don't see why not!