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This was the first ever election in Saudi Arabia, women were able to vote in the country.

And as Saudi Arabia opened their elections to women voters and women public officials, we saw some changes...

And what were the impacts of the election?

Well, 17 women were appointed to public office positions. That's 17 more women with a voice in politics. 17 more women advocating for women's needs.
Saudi Arabia is the only country that has laws restricting them to obey a "guardian", usually a father or husband. These guardians can restrict the woman from making important life decisions, such as marrying or taking a trip outside the country.
The Saudi Arabian suffrage movement has been (and can be) incredibly empowering for change in the country.

Because they cannot restrict them from voting!

"I believe women want more parks, libraries for their children, health and fitness facilities for women. And just to be part of the decision," said Sara Ahmed, Saudi woman voter.
Next step: allowing Saudi women to drive!
Props again to @misterE for giving me the inspiration to write this card.

What are your thoughts on this?

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it depends because I would want a rapist a murders a child molester a drug lord all be out to death
I appreciate your comment @NadiaDarlington I didn't mean to judge the country, and I think I (and the U.S. in general) tends to get mixed up in foreign matter without understanding the history and beliefs of the place. It's just hard to see people being killed no matter where they are from :(
@misterE NPR is my favorite ever. thank you for sending that our way... I hope that for these women voting gets easier.
@nicolejb I think one of the reasons we in the US are as you say insensitive to the rest of the world is because we are really Ill informed. I've realised recently that our mainstream media gives us 90% fluff and what little real news we get is completely self absorbed (with a good deal of propaganda thrown in) .. interesting to see English versions of news from elsewhere.. sorry don't mean to be so serious/negative.. is it ok to post stuff like this here? I better chill lol
Hahaha no way @misterE! you are totally entitled to your opinion here. As long as it's repectful (which it totally is). I have a whole bunch of thoughts on media and media criticism. I was a journalism mayor in school and honestly ethics was one of my favorite classes. the media has so much power of influence!