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The Best Way To Learn Korean

I've been learning Korean for at least 6 months now and thanks to a youtube video-that I will link below-I have found the best website for it. Unit 1 Covers the Alphabet and teaches you how to read Hangul. Unit 2 Is the start of grammar lessons. There are 5 Units total. I believe this website is even better for learning how to read and write hangul. Start with this website, if you dont like it then check out the other one.
With the first website (How To Study Korean) when you start the grmmar lessons you will get a vocab list and a link to use a "memrise tool" click it and I highly highly suggest you download the app it is completly free and AMAZING!! I use it everyday and I know all the words i need to know for each lesson i've learned. Once you get the app you will have to chose korean and How To Study Korean should be the first or second course choice.
Besides a lot of talking, in the description box it has some really good links to good websites for leaning Korean! Enjoy and learn on!
Thank you!
This is amazing. Thank you so much. I downloaded the app and I'm already recognizing kdrama phrases and kpop lyrics as I learn. awesome Info!
omg! its so funny when i first decided to start learning Korean she was the very first video i watched.
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