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So recently I made a card in my, "Favorite Characters!" collection, in which I talk about some of my favorite charcaters across different mediums. This particular card was about Vegeta, my second favortie character behind Whis. All I did in this card was talk about the things I enjoyed about the character and what I thought made him great. I create these kind of cards to express my love and appreciation for the characters I like the most... So someone(s) decided this was a bad thing and reported the card. I don't see the reason for it, and that's my main concern. There didn't seem to be any reason for reporting that card other than someone(s) didn't like/agree with what I said. I personally don't think that's very fair or cool... oh well, I guess. People will be people.
This is the third instance I've seen like this today! 2s a coincidence, 3s a pattern. Looks like something's up...
what was it reprted for? a big thing people report for is for irrelevant communities. so maybe it was posted in communities not related to DBZ?
that sucks
Also, I wasn't told why it was reported. I was just told it, "Violated community guidlines," and was taken down
It was posted in every community that had a medium Vegeta was in. If someone in those communities found it irrelevant, they either don't pay much attention to what's happening in that world or don't know that Vegeta made it into their world