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How can we keep our cards from getting reported?

Hey Marvelers! I saw a few cards yesterday asking about cards getting reported in other communities, so it seems like a good time to have a community discussion about it. Obviously I'm not the Vingle gods, I'm just a humble moderator. But it took me a long time to figure out what communities I should publish cards to when I first joined Vingle so I thought I'd share what I learned!

It's not like tags on instagram or tumblr.

Honeslty Vingle confused me at first because when you publish a card, it shows you all the communities you joined, so it sort of looks like you're supposed to share everything with all of them. But communities on Vingle are more like topic-specific message boards. So publishing a card about bananas in the insects community is kind of like walking into a conversation about insects and shouting the word BANANAS over and over again. Some people in that community might like bananas, but if they want to hear about them, they would go looking for them in the bananas community, not the insects community.

Then where does it go?

A lot of us probably remember the movie Mean Girls because it was really popular and most people loved it. So it makes sense to want to share a gif like this! So that we can find more people who love it and want to talk about it. However, it doesn't really have anything to do with Marvel. It's not part of the conversation we're having, and might confuse people who aren't interested in talking about non-Marvel related subjects. This would be more helpful in a conversation about Hollywood movies, since that's what it's from.

Boundaries are important too, Thor.

The reason Vingle's communities don't work like tags is to help us all find what we're looking for. It prevents a conversation about our favorite characters from being flooded with jambalaya recipes. And vise versa!

I think of it like the language option.

This is what really helped me. I wouldn't share this card with the French or Spanish side of Vingle, because I don't know if they speak English. A lot of them probably do, but if they're interested in English-language cards they'll also be checking the English side of Vingle. Communities help you find the people you want to talk to. So if there was a Deadpool community and I wrote a card about Deadpool, I wouldn't share it with the Deadpool community AND the Batman community. What if a bunch of people in the Batman community hated Deadpool? I wouldn't want to talk to them, I only want to talk to the people who love Deadpool as much as I do. I know they'll "speak my language".

How do you know who'll understand that reference?

Sometimes it's trial and error. The easiest way to get a feel for a community on Vingle is to look at what's already there and get to know the people in the community. Those are the people that want to help you our and be your friend! See if they have any community guidelines (not everyone does, but they're very helpful because they let you know what's welcome there). Smaller communities can be a little tricky because there's not a lot there sometimes. But that means it's a great opportunity for you to build an amazing space for people who are interested in whatever subject the community is for!

I believe in us!

We're all here to have fun and talk about we love! So let's talk about what the community boundaries are and why they're helpful. Is there an easier way to determine where your cards go that you'd like to tell us about? Is there a better way to introduce new Vinglers and get them where they want to be? What else can we do to make sure that everyone here is happy and can avoid needless frustration?
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But I love jumbalya! 馃槈 Great informative and fun card @shannonl5
@JonPatrickHyde I definitely hear you there. I think one of the things I'm hoping to do is help people who are joining get where they want to go. There's so many amazing/fun/smart people here and I think if we all come together we can (hopefully) help make more of those connections happen and really give each other the community feel that we don't really get anywhere else
Agreed. in all the communities here are positive and supportive. one thing I hated,about FB was all the drama. people hiding behind their keyboards being rude just to be rude. I managed the outreach marketing for a famous guitar company through FB and had 5000 friends... many are a-list musicians, and I spent more time dealing with disrespectful and rude people than posting music related stuff. After I left that company I quickly saw that FB was too unstructured and "lawless" and I closed my account. I really don't miss FB. At all. I live Vingle. I would like to see more members start paying closer attention to what the community guidelines for each community are.
@jonpatrickhyde 馃槸馃槙馃槩 I am Guilty of Putting non relevant cards in the photo community. my bad!
I think it's ok! This is why we discuss stuff like this, so we can all figure out what works best, right?