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George W. Bush is looking to grace the oval office again in 2016!
Or is that Will Ferrell? Ferrell was back in form as W. on SNL, tossing his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential race and running down all the weaknesses of the current slate of candidates.
There’s also some smack tossed at the “low-talking” Ben Carson and an idea for a Rubio and Cruz law firm.
We also get the comparison between Jeb Bush and his older, smarter brother. Later in the segment, "W" compared his last presidential term to that “not very educated, but reliable” bus driver that only gets into as little as four accidents a year."
Will was amazing in this skit. Lets hope we get an appearance from him on the show again soon.
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It's always so refreshing when the old cast members come back. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS.