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It airs on every monday & Tuesday ^.^ See you then everyone ! On last ep, it airs the story about their young days. Now, we can show how OJ is going well to change her poor life. and before the drama, What do you think if you were born in Joseon society, what kind of people you want to be birth? People like OJ who is of low birth but have a lot of talents and be loved from many men, OR People like IH who is of noble birth but the person they love don't like them... Which is better? Did you know that JOJ is the real name of jang hee bean who was a strange case of temptness. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone ... i am waiting for uploading the replay of this darma... Is there anyone who is waiting right now with me? Anyway I will start LS is fighting against with his servants. LS : With these weak words. how could we protect our servants from foregin raiders . At that time, IH comes to meet LS. DIH requires him to come the festival because whether he can come to the traditional place or not depends on him. The majesty ordered him to deliever LS in this festival (Maybe she wants IH to meet DIH) In the festival, DIH is pleased OJ's uncle, JH to come her here. DIH looks after her. When she is looking for the book that is given by DIH, LS is also in there. LS reminds her who met in the past. At that place, the other couple oh the man is cheating her ! Like she said that give her back masterwork inkstone hehehe. On the other hand, other guys and girls are rude to OJ. ( What are you doing guys ? They say like oh you're legendary fox with nine tails. Do lure us hehe be a cupbearer for us ! ) What a disappointed the hierarchy society!! LS pretends to not a crown prince, he lies to her that he is a servant who attends to king. And he explains to her that the girl who I hugged a few minutes before is my younger sister. So don't be envy for her. LS: Why do I have to excuse myself for you, huh? In front of the traditional palace, OJ faces with IH. They both, watch the flame. IH : I don't like these flame because it seems like the life that brights for only short time and then disappears....so I feel.. sad ..i wants to live a life like moon. OJ: No...when I saw this, my heart is founding. Even if we can only live once, i wants to live a life like flare. ( .....good saying ) Still, she feels afraid of fire... when people who requires her the money comes to OJ, she wonders who could she make money. The king, LS... opposes Min lord's idea... Min lord considers him ridiculous because he holds hand with his Majesty. LS makes public that selling right of military uniform gives to country commercial supremacy. OJ visits JH whether how she could give money back to others and OJ suggests one thing that she can make military uniform in this competition. I will deliver the selling right to you. JH allows to her suggestion. In the competition for picking the queen, there are two people. One is IH and the other is Soo ah si( Ah si means the girls who are daughter of noblemen) Soo ah si asks OJ to make her clothes and she allows it because she can feel Soo ah si's sincere. ( You know that? this is first competiion and ...times passes by ..second competition occurs and then when only 3 people left, the king only picks one people. Other two people have to live alone forever without marriage...what a sad story.... so there are many stories related deep resentment in Joeseon.) In the first competition, the oldest woman who is mother of the king also comes to this but ...queen of this traditional palace feels uncomfortable this. She has real big power compared to oldest woman. Two strikes sparks of each other. Oh but the skirt of soo ah si who OJ takes care is get dirty. So OJ is hanging around to find the skirt. Meanwhile, she meets LS accidently. LS helps her to get a cloth and he wonders whether we've met before. Anyway at the festival, soo ah si and IH do succeuss for this competition. hehe especially the pin that SOO puts on is prasied by queen. ( It is recommanded by OJ) On the way the destination, DIH and OJ are attacked by robbers! Be careful OJ. ... THEY ARE on the edge of valley. ohohohohoh... OJ falls down the water . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish ! They can't still remember each other. But I think it is good for them because OJ felt really disappointed for him and misunderstood that he deserted her because of her status... If you were OJ, what do you do? If you reminded him, you take a notice of him?