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Who knows who said the above famous quote?

Just a little light trivia to help us through the week! If you're still scratching your head over Two Truths & a Lie or Guess Who, this game might be a little easier! Here's a hint: The character who said this had her debut in 2013. This line was written by G. Willow Wilson. Do you remember who said it?
...ummmm was it Ms.Marvel? not really sure.😕
@JonPatrickHyde it definitely is! This quote has been giving me a lot of courage ever since I read it. I think you'll be very impressed when someone guesses the answer ^_^
I don't know who said it... I only know that it is absolutely true. Again, comics are such a powerful and amazing form of entertainment for through them little bits of wisdom with an incalculable value are shared. kudos to the comic story writer who authored this elegantly profound piece of wisdom.
@wwedavid791 yeah! Kamala Khan, you got it ^_^