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Tell me it's not true.

While scrolling through my Twitter feed, the headline popped out like a stain, begging to be looked at. Dascha Polanco is the actress who plays Dayanara Diaz in Orange is the New Black.
According to the Huffington Post, Polanco was arraigned in Manhattan court on charges of assaulting a 17-year-old girl over the summer. The girl alleges that Polanco punched her in he head, pulled her hair, and used her fingernails to strike the teens arm. The description of the assault was pulled from court documents obtained by Page Six.
Polanco's lawyer Gerald Lefcourt says that his client was set up, and that Cardona is seeking to get money from Polanco. "This is an attempt to extort money by making a false claim," Lefcourt tells PEOPLE.
Well, let's just hope that's what it is. I would be such a shame is Polanco was indeed guilty of assault. If true, she can face up to a year serving time. :(
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What?! NO! I love her as an actress... ugh this makes me sad knowing this.