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okay so I went to KCON 2015 cuz of SuJu. I knew of some of the other artists but not much at the time. SO WHEN I THINK BACK O REALIZE ALL THESE OPPORTUNITIES I MISSED CUZ IM DUMB(such as a Block B high touch my friend had & didn't use, seeing Kim Soo Hyun up close at the airport & yeah) BUT going to GOT7.
at the time I only new Just Right by GOT7 and really liked the song. So when I looked at this picture during KCON, I was like hmm I think that's a manager? man GOT7 has a cute manager. Now I'm a fan of GOT7 and looked back at KCON pics today and I was like "pfttt this is Jr.! Why did I think he was a manager!? lmao" I took this on my way to go to where SuJu was at the airport since they arrived on the same plane
GOT7 walked right past me at the airport, like dude....Mark walked RIGHT in front of me. and at the time I was like oh cool its GOT7 no big deal. they're cool. and waited for SJ to come out from the plane.
GOT7 did a thing at the Toyota booth. I happen to be next to the booth when fans started crowding around it and I was like oh hey its GOT7, they're pretty cute ^^ Then I walked away after a few min.
https://twitter.com/katiems63/status/676529865303044096 ^ Link to the video: Then GOT7 did a thing on the stage and again was in the right place and they walked literally right in front of me. like go to the link and watch the video. so close.
like...I could've been cheering and said hi or whatever being so close to them 3 different times during KCON...but no I was unaware I was going to be their fan AFTER KCON....dont even get me started on the Block B high touch and Kim Soo Hyun. man will not make these mistakes next year that's for sure!