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When you watch a mecha anime, you may compare it to some of the greats like Gundam Wing, Blue Gender, Neon Genesis, or I think the reigning king of mecha is Gurren Lagann. You watch these shows and everything pops, rockets blow up, lasers flying every frame that passes, plasma swords drawn, enemy after enemy appear with no end in sight, metal fist crashing into each other. Yes and yes, in every mecha, in my opinion, this appears to be the meta of sorts, the plot in each show seems linear to one another. The protagonist has a badass gundam. ( a mobile suit) He's the only one that can operate it, he saves every one. Well, Knights of Sidonia has done some crazy with its anime style, and that's the 3D computerized characters. It's weird at first but it attracts me since it's stunning and very smooth, everything literally glides around screen. The story is like I mentioned earlier except there's tons of feelz and lovable characters added along the way. I've mentioned in another card that I like putting myself in the main characters shoes. ohhh boy I need to stop that!... It goes from 0 to 1,000,000 really quick and it keeps on going. If you like romance and angry laser fighting (well who doesn't) this show is an extreme must. By the way it's a Netflix original, check it out. Season 2 will be done tonight.
honestly, the 3D weirdness of it is why I didn't get into it. I couldn't get past it, it all looked super weird to me
you are correct the 3d setup is at first awkward. did you think that maybe they reused some character models too? But, overall the storyline and character development. on some of the characters is spot on. hope it ends with a nice ending. the 3rd season will go on by the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2016
I was then same, until the amnesia part happened to Tanikaze, then I was </3 so yeah there goes my heart once again to a fictional character, but to me it was more lol
I know with the sisters they used the same model I couldn't notice too many others, yeah I'm finishing them up as we speak, I can't wait to see what's going to happen. I myself am in love with Hoshijiro, I just love her personality and it sucks that the director seemed it fit knock her out, well I guess momentarily until, they used thier magic to bring her back for sure lol wishful thinking :P