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Because Marvelers can't get enough of him.

We know Chris Evans is an amazingly talented actor, because we've fallen in love with him as Captain America. And since we're not going to see more of him until Civil War is released next year, here are a few movies you should catch to hold you over:


One of the weirdest movies ever made about capitalism, Chris Evans is BRILLIANT in this. Definitely not for the faint of heart, this movie is gritty and inventive. Watch this if you love the idealism behind Captain America and would be down for a more brutal version of it. Check out the trailer (the second image on this block). A word to the wise: Don't watch this while you're eating.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This movie is actually another comic book adaptation, though a very different one. It's inspired by video games and terrible dating disasters. Definitely check it out if you want a laugh and want to listen to an awesome soundtrack! Chris Evans is playing basically the polar opposite of Steve Rogers in this. So much so that you might not recognize him.

The Nanny Diaries

You'll recognize another Marvel alum in this one: Scarlett Johansson. This is a comedy that a lot of people in the service industry will probably relate to. But you can always watch it if you're craving a Black Widow/Captain America modern day AU.

For the love of Chris Evans! Which movie did you like him in most?

We've got to talk about SOMETHING while we wait for the next Civil War trailer to come out!
I like him as the human torch from the fantastic four.
Losers and both of the Fantastic Four movies before the reboot
I loved him in What's your number and Losers.
I haven't seen snow piercer yet and I've only seen half of the nanny diaries but I just love his acting and how well he gets into character
@MadAndrea haha I'm pretty sure it's burned into my retinas @ButterflyBlu YES! I had no idea Evans had that in him
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